Every vendor needs to bring their own tables and the tables MUST have rubber stoppers on the legs so as not to scratch the gymnasium floor.  Alternatively, you can place a rug under the table(s).

The gym is below ground level so load in will occur from the first level by way of elevator.  We will have staggered load in times to make this as smooth as possible.  You will have booth assignments this weekend with map as well as your assigned time to set up.

Please read carefully about the load in process:

Each of you has been assigned a Block (row in the gym) and a load in time.  

For example, you may be Block 1 and load in time 8:15.  As people arrive for Block 1, they will be placed in the row as they come in back to front.  This will make for more seamless load in.

Each person gets 8x8 space so plan accordingly.  The only way to the gym is by the elevator that can fit a vendor and their stuff.  This means we really have to stay to the staggered load in times.  

There will be carts and people to help you get your stuff to your space.  I would suggest minimizing the number of trips you wish to take from car to booth.   Take advantage of the carts and bring friends to help!

REMEMBER THAT TABLES NEED RUBBER STOPPERS.  I would be very sad if we damaged the floor at the ROC.

Here is my number if you need to text me for any reason.  Make sure you let me know who you are if you do: 512-709-5468

Remember that we are at a church so make sure all items (including political ones) are kind and clean :)

The load in process will be the trickiest part of our day.  Please be patient, helpful and keep to the schedule.